Raw Organic Hemp Protein




Hemp is one of the most amazing superfoods available on the planet. Hemp is a sustainable plant that thrives without processing aids, pesticides or GMOs. Our hemp is grown in Canada and can provide protein into a variety of recipes.

Raw hemp provides a powerful dose of organic plant protein and fiber. Organic hemp protein offers a great neutral flavor, ideal for anyone looking to add great taste and protein to a meal. Hemp Protein Powder can be blended in smoothies and juices, added to oatmeal, yogurt and healthy snack bars, or used to replace up to 20% of traditional flour in baking recipes.

A Great Source of Nutrients:

100% Organic
4g of Protein per serving
4g of Fiber per serving
91mg of Potassium
Vitamin B6
Gluten, dairy, soy free

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs