GOD food not LAB food

        Dirk Foster      Healthy Food


The best advice I ever got about food came from an Egyptian body builder named Bishoy. I was living in Los Angeles at the time and decided I wanted to start working out with a trainer to get in better shape. He was a brutal trainer. I mean that in the best sense. He pushed me hard and got me into the best shape of my life. Working out with Bishoy is one of the things I miss most about Los Angeles (we live in Lake Tahoe now so believe me I have no desire to move back to LA).

Bishoy introduced me to the concept of “God Food” and I’ve adhered to it ever since.

The premise is simple: if the food you’re putting into your body comes directly from God (you can call it nature if you prefer), then its good for you. If your food has passed through a laboratory, then it’s bad for you.

That’s it. It’s a simple as that. And it works.

We all know that much of the food sold in stores is filled with chemicals, artificial preservatives, and fake coloring. Trying to read the content label on most food packages and cans is like reading a science book. Next time you’re at the store just pick a few random boxes or bags to read and see if you understand what half the crap is that they put inside. It’s a mystery. And quite frankly it scares the hell out of me.

It’s no wonder cancer is so rampant in Western society. We’re poisoning ourselves with chemicals in our food. In my opinion, eating pre-packaged food can be as dangerous as smoking cigarettes. So why do we continue to poison ourselves?

Mostly it’s a matter of convenience. We’ve become complacent and lazy and the results are in: we’re obese, diabetic, and dying of countless forms of cancer.

So what’s the solution? GOD FOOD. If it comes directly from God, eat it. That means fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fungi and legumes. No additives, preservatives, colors or chemicals of any kind. And if you consume animal protein it should come directly from the ocean or fresh water lakes and streams. Beef, pork and fowl should be organically raised, grass and grain fed, in cruelty free environments.

You only have one body and you’re not going to be given another one in this life. So feed it well, with the food we’ve been given not the food some scientist manufactured. Food is a blessing and a gift, try to remember that the next time you’re wondering around the store looking for your next meal. Will you choose fresh, organic food or phony food with ingredients you can’t pronounce?

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