Eat Your Damn Vegetables!…Especially the Green Leafy Ones

        Dirk Foster      Healthy Food

green leafy vegetables

There are few things on earth healthier than green leafy vegetables. Just eat the damn, things. Make them a part of your daily life. It’s so easy and the benefits are significant. If you don’t like the taste, there are many ways to make them edible such as mixing them with salad dressings, stir frying them with sesame oil and seasoning or adding them to smoothies to name just a few.

Green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, romaine, chard and cabbage are not only good for you because of all the vitamins and nutrients they contain but also can reduce the risks of cancer and diabetes.

Many people don’t eat them at all or eat them only sparingly. I make it a habit to stuff two handfuls of leafy greens into my smoothie every single morning. It’s fast, easy and all the other stuff in the smoothie help mask the taste. Personally I love the tasty of greens, but not everyone does so do what you have to do to get them into your body as often as possible.

-Reduces risk of cancer
-Reduces risks and symptoms of diabetes
-Nutrient dense
-Filled with iron and calcium
-High fiber content
-High in folic acid and magnesium

-Add to smoothies
-Add to salads
-Stir fry
-Add to soups and stews
-Add to sandwiches
-Replace tortilla shells with large leafs

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