Cacao – Healthy Chocolate Awesomeness

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cacao superfood smoothie mix

If you’re like me you have a sweet tooth that won’t quit. If I had to choose between sweet or savory, I’d pick sweet every time. But it can be difficult to find something sweet to eat that doesn’t wreak havoc on your body. Just try reading the back of the average ice cream container. It’s like reading a users manual on how to kill yourself with artificial sweeteners, additives and chemicals. But there are natural alternatives that are sweet, healthy and just plain awesome and cacao is at the top of the list.

Cacao is a bean native to South and Central America. It is simply chocolate in raw form. You can buy it in its whole bean form or powdered (which is usually the best way to buy it).

Numerous studies have shown cacao to have a variety of health benefits that include lowering cholesterol and blood pressure and has been reported to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. It’s high in manganese, fiber, iron, and has more antioxidant strength than blueberries. As a natural mood elevator, it even might make you smile.

Cacao is versatile and can be used in many ways including baking recipes, in hot chocolate, sprinkled on cereals or whole wheat pancakes or my favorite way, added to smoothies.

Next time you crave something sweet don’t reach for a doughnut or candy bar. Instead, add some cacao to your favorite smoothie or use it to bake some healthy cookies. Wouldn’t you rather satisfy your sweet tooth with a healthy superfood like cacao instead of injecting those weird fake chemicals into your body?


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